Geçen Yaz - OGM Pictures

Production: OGM Pictures
Director: Ozan Açıktan
Screenplay: Sami Berat Marçalı


Our story which is set in the summer of 1999, when cellphones were not a part of our life as much, witness the bumpy relationships among the teenagers, particularly Deniz and his elder sister Ebru’s. Deniz, who thinks he has now grown up, doesn’t want to spend his summer with his childhood friends. He sets out on an emotional journey by involving himself in the group of Aslı, who he likes, and who is also his sister’s close friend. And Ebru sets off to a stormy love with Kaan. Thereby, Kaan and his friend Burak are involved in the group’s life. However, with Burak coming along, things don’t work out for Deniz, and he finds himself in a love triangle which involves Burak as well. A cycle in which Deniz wanting a place in Aslı’s heart and Aslı wanting a place in Burak’s persist throughout the entire summer. The summer vacation that Deniz has started off with big hopes, turns into a process in which he takes lessons from the disappointments coming in his way and moves onto his life as an individual.

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